Spencer Beal

Company Director - Lincolnshire Caravan Transport

Spencer started his working life at 16 in shipping and transport, holding various roles including sales and warehouse management, ultimately becoming a shareholder in an international transport company. In 2005 he left the industry to study Social Work at university and between 2009 and 2020 he worked for a Local Authority as a Social Worker and Independent Reviewing Officer.  In 2018 (by accident) Spencer became involved in caravan sales on behalf of owners and it was during this time that he met Liam and they began to realise how their mix of skills and knowledge could be of mutual benefit, not only to both of them but to their customers too.  Spencer continues to manage an expanding private caravan sales network and also caravan rental contracts for large companies, alongside his roles at Lincolnshire Caravan Transport Ltd and Lincolnshire Leisure Ltd.  He is a very proud single parent to two amazing boys that he hopes will join the company in the future.

If you fancy a chat about how we may be able to help you then feel free to give Spencer a call on his direct number which is 07473 088085.

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